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Post-Covid Webinar

On 17th June, we were thrilled to host a webinar entitled: POST COVID; How faith institutions can play a major role in rehabilitating communities within cities across Europe.

We heard from four distinguished experts from across Europe, each offering unique insights into the place that faith communities have taken and can continue to take in cities' reaction to the pandemic, and their subsequent healing.

On top of hearing illuminating insights into the experience of religious communities in various cities, certain themes emerged from the discussion. These included how religious communities should be the builders of social justice in the context of governments' response to the pandemic, as well as how they can emphasise the moral and spiritual dimension in the gradual healing of the social fabric. We also heard how religious organisations and communities have managed to find creative solutions and exhibit resilience throughout the crisis, and can continue to do so even in the face of being disproportionately affected by it.

The webinar also pointed to some potentially fruitful avenues for continued discussion. For instance, as to what governments can do to support faith organisations to articulate their values; what the role of the faith sector's role is holding the government to account; and whether the response to the crisis represents an opportunity to expand interfaith dialogue.

We believe that CFCF can play a major role in connecting local governments with religious communities in addressing the above issues, as well as in facilitating further interfaith collaboration. Following on from the success of this event, CFCF will be starting further ongoing conversations around the points highlighted, which we believe are of critical relevance. These will include the relevance of Strategic Communications, how Governments and City Halls can improve collaboration with the faith sector, and exposing and combating inequalities and racism in European cities.

The full report on the webinar can be found below.

Webinar Report 17/6
Download • 397KB

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