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Interfaith Leadership Programme Session 3 - Faith and the Environment

On January 31st CFCF held third in a series of online sessions on topics related to faith and society led by distinguished speakers. This session will revolve around the topic of Faith and the Environment. The speaker Dr. Iyad Abumoghli. Dr Abumoghli is the Founder and Director of the Faith for Earth Coalition of UNEP. For around 40 years, Dr. Abumoghli has been focusing on strategic planning, sustainable development, interfaith collaboration, and innovation. He held senior-level positions at the UN including as Regional Representative of UNEP in West Asia, Director of Innovation at UNDP’s Regional Office for the Arab States, Environment Advisor at the Regional Facility in Beirut, Global Practice Manager for the Environment Group in New York, Assistant Representative of UNDP in Jordan. Dr. Abumoghli holds a doctorate in Engineering from the University of Bath/UK, and is an outstanding graduate of the Virtual Development Academy - Johns University. Dr. Abumoghli has published numerous papers and book chapters that contemplate the interplay of religion and the environment, ethics, values, and spirituality in the context of environmental governance.


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