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The Blanquerna Observatory is an interdisciplinary and multidimensional space of research and divulgation of activities, linking the realm of communication with the phenomenon of religion and culture. It acts as an eye, on religious information tendencies, religion in the media and its interaction with the new technologies, the relationship it has with society and the space it occupies in the public sphere — from a fresh, wide and contemporary perspective.


The Center for Cultural Dialogue (CKD) in Zagreb, Croatia supports the institutional strengthening and nurturing of interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

Dialogue, and especially intercultural and interreligious dialogue teaches us how to open ourselves and be empathetic, to break down prejudices and open broader horizons. Through dialogue we contribute to mutual understanding, respect and appreciation which is a prerequisite for social cohesion, peace, acceptance and harmony in intercultural society.


The National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE Forum) is an inter-faith organization that fosters social peace and freedom of religion by promoting inter-faith dialogue and mutual respect.


The founding member communities of the Forum are the Central Council of Jewish Communities in Finland, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, the Finnish Ecumenical Council (SEN), the Finnish Islamic Congregation and the Islamic Council of Finland (SINE). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Finnish Buddhist Union became observer members of the Forum in 2020.

The CORE Forum cooperates with the public authorities, acts as an expert in religious matters, participates in social dialogue and organises various events. In all our work, we promote the visible role of religion in everyday life and the visibility of religious representatives as active social participants


The Dublin City Interfaith Forum (DCIF) is a network of people from a wide variety of faith communities in the city. It seeks to raise awareness of the diversity of faith and culture through deep interfaith dialogue and co-operation.

We envisage a society based on mutual respect, co-operation and understanding driven by progressive pluralism and unity, diverse and vibrant, throughout Ireland and the World.

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The Edinburgh Interfaith Association brings faith communities together, promoting understanding, trust and positive action. We offer our expertise on interfaith programming including training and consultancy and faith and equality issues to all.


We have platforms for deeper dialogue and cooperation, including educational programmes in schools and online and host regular community events and talks.

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The Faiths Forum for London empowers religious communities to work together towards a better London.


The Forum brings together leaders from across nine different faiths to work collaboratively.


KAICIID is a unique intergovernmental organization: through our dual governance structure, a Council of Parties made of States, and a Board of Directors made up of religious leaders, they bring together followers of different religious traditions, religious leaders and policymakers.


Their Advisory Forum, with over 60 religious leaders from the world’s major faith and cultural traditions, allows us to connect and network communities from all over the world.


Their member States, the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Holy See as a founding Observer, and Board of Directors stand as guarantors of the independence of our programmes from the interests of any one country, or any one religious denomination. They are convenors and facilitators, bringing religious leaders, policymakers and experts to the dialogue table so that they can find common solutions to shared problems.

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Recognising the dignity of every human being, The University of Surrey's Religious Life and Belief Centre exists to support the faith and belief of students. For many, if not all, it will be a faith or belief perspective that makes sense of things and gives shape, meaning and direction to life.

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy team work together on a variety of interfaith projects.

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