Tackling Hate

Building capacity and providing leadership

One of our key priorities for the network is tackling religious hate crime and hate ideology. 


Dublin, Edinburgh, and London organisations have experience of working closely with the Police and authorities on both consultancy and training capacities. Dublin currently provides training to faith community representatives on how to report and record hate crime. The Faiths Forum for London works in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to deliver workshops with young people aged 13-25 to respond to hate and extremism. While the Edinburgh Interfaith Association has previously been contracted to train Police officers and respond to 24 hour religiously related emergencies.

Faith and interfaith based organisations are critical partners to respond in times of crisis such as to terrorist activity in order to maintain community relationships and cohesiveness. We have worked hard to prevent international conflicts linked to religion from threatening stability. We can offer consultancy based on this experience to help countries to be resistant to hate ideologies and learn to celebrate the contribution of countries rich cultural and religious diversity.

Cities of Faith: Future European Leaders Programme

CFCF Leaders programme (1).jpg

The aim of this programme is to target students with leadership potential, to engage in the faith and interfaith sector across Europe, and build leaders within the sector for a brighter tomorrow.


This programme for 2021, is a pilot and will be delivered through 4 confirmed University partners: University of Surrey, University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin and the Zagreb Intercultural Dialogue Centre, all engaged in the academic and inter faith world. Their role will be to recruit students for this programme through their institutions and mentor them.



Our mission is to provide a platform across leading cities in Europe for facilitating and developing learning and sharing best practice through positive engagement between faith groups, city governments and institutions, in order to build more inclusive and integrated cities. 


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